Friday, 18 January 2013

Mont Blanc: the most glamorous winter dessert

Here in London this morning the snow is falling – it's been threatening all week, but this feels like the real deal. It's settling and everywhere is looking Christmas card gorgeous. 

Over Christmas I couldn't resist making one of my favourite wintery desserts – Mont Blanc. I originally tasted a Mont Blanc at Angelina's in Paris and mine were based on their take on this classic, topped with chestnut purée, rather than Chantilly cream. I'd made a batch of meringue nests with some left-over egg whites, so it was easy to quickly assemble the Mont Blancs. I gently whipped some double cream and lightly sweetened it with icing sugar before plopping it onto the meringue. Similarly with the canned chestnut purée – it needed sweetening and beating lightly before being piped over the cream. I finished them off with some chopped marrons glacés, a dusting of icing sugar and, for a bit of festive glamour, some gold leaf. 

With our Mont Blancs we had some Vin Santo – the tangy, raisiny sweetness worked well with such a rich, luxurious dessert. However, next time I'd love to try it with some ice wine...


  1. I need this now! Even though I don't actually like chestnut puree, I would still give it a go as it looks so gorgeous.

  2. God it was good! Go for it Gill.

  3. I was wondering what to do with some egg whites left over from making seville orange curd! The Mont Blancs look very impressive and vin santo sounds an excellent match.

  4. Thanks Jackie - I hope you aren't snowed in!