Thursday, 14 February 2013

Elysium Black Muscat: a Valentine's treat

I've always had a soft-spot for sweet wine specialist Andrew Quady's quirky range, especially his Black Muscat, Elysium. Here in the UK you don't often see these Californian wines, but I came across Elysium last week in a local off-licence (the Bottle and Basket in Adelaide Road near Chalk Farm tube station). Noticing the heart on the label, I just had to grab a bottle for Valentine's Day.

Elysium is a truly pretty wine with seductively perfumed juicy red fruit and that gorgeous ruby colour. What's more, at 15 percent ABV, it is one of the few wines that's comfortable with chocolate. This evening we'll be having it with gooey chocolate puddings with cherry compote. Can't wait.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. When I worked at L'Escargot the head chef, David Cavalier, would take to the cold room at the end of a hectic night armed with a bottle of black Elysium. I love to serve black muscat at a dinner party - it always gets an "Ooh!"

    We have booked Zedel on your recommendation, Lucy. This Sunday, 4pm with my very lovely agent, Laura Morris. If you fancy popping by for a drink I'll introduce you. Just in case you are thinking of publishing a book of your wisdom.

  2. We're meeting up with family on Sunday, but I'd love to drop by if I can. If you could send me a direct message on Twitter with your mobile number, I'll text you at the weekend to let you know whether I'll be be coming along.