Saturday, 1 August 2009

Le Ribouldingue (Paris)

This restaurant really caught my eye as it specialises in offal and other off-cuts. We ate ravioli of pig's trotter and ear with a light, foaming foie gras sauce and lamb's tongue salad. Our main courses were veal kidney poêlé and a suberb ox cheek dish – like the best casseroled beef you've ever had! We kept things simple (as our blowout at Senderens was to follow the next evening – see separate review) and stuck to a bottle of nicely maturing, farmyardy Côtes de Provence red which went excellently with the earthy flavours and strange textures of the food. I can't remember Nathan's pudding because I was so blown away by the 'special' – pain perdu with caramel and fleur de sel ice cream. Exquisite!

(Visited November 2007)

10, Rue Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre; 75005 Paris

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