Saturday, 1 August 2009

Take-aways: what I hate about them

Here in north London, like so many towns in the UK, we are overwhelmed by fast food outlets and it makes my blood boil seeing how many are clustered around local schools preying on hungry teenagers (councils really need to do something about this). So much of this food is morbidly fatty and made with frighteningly cheap and manipulated ingredients (KFC anyone?) What's more, most people don't seem to realise that fast food is an expensive meal option compared with cooking from scratch. And it's not even that fast. A five-minute walk (or drive) there and back, a bit of a wait for your food (considerable longer if you're ordered over the phone from Pizza Hut or your local Indian which could be half an hour or so): you could cook some pasta and serve with pesto, tinned sardines or tomato sauce in less time and it won't cost anything like as much. So there!

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